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Bahá'í principles:

The oneness of mankind.

Universal peace upheld by a world government.

Independent investigation of truth.

The common foundation of all religions.

The essential harmony of science and religion.

Equality of men and women.

Elimination of prejudice of all kinds.

Universal compulsory education.

A spiritual solution to the economic problem.

A universal auxiliary language.

Youth Leadership Workshops

Oct 2020 JY WorkshopOct 2020 JY Workshop

Youth Leadership Workshops are back!  They are tailored to the ages and interests of all youth in our community and are designed to build confidence, leadership, communication and life skills.  If you are new to our workshops and are interested in more information you are welcome to enter your name and e-mail in either or both surveys below and a facilitator will contact you shortly.


Contact for more information

Workshop Youth Opinion Form

The Youth Leader Workshop provides a wide range of skills training and we are looking for you to provide feedback into your interests so we can continually improve our format and curriculum.  If you are interested please review the following list and fill out the following form.  Your opinion is important to us!

Communication & Mental Health

Careers & Finance Leadership & Mentorship
  • Discovering your core values
  • Exploring personality styles
  • Good communication
  • Standing up to bullies
  • Healthy relationships
  • Identifying toxic people
  • Exploring your work habits
  • Career exploration
  • Money management
  • Online research skills
  • Public speaking
  • Goal setting
  • Mentoring younger kids
  • Volunteering
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Time Management
  • Leadership
  • Consultation
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Workshop Youth Contribution Form

The Youth Leader Workshops typically incorporate a Fun Activity or Craft (60 minutes).  We are always looking for new ideas from the youth, and even have them teach an activity or craft if possible to improve their confidence and communication.  Do you have a fun activity or craft that you would like to teach that helps build leadership or other related life skills?  If yes then please complete this form and submit your idea(s) for consideration by our facilitators!

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